Super-Vir is the most effective and proven penile tissue enlargement oil ever developed.

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Did you know : Recent discoveries in herbal science have shed new light on the subject of penis enlargement. Research has revealed that your penis has the ability to grow beyond its current size when fully erect. Like all the other muscles in your body, your penis is actually designed to grow! You will be absolutely amazed when you see your penis gradually becoming LARGER and LARGER, right before your eyes! NOTHING compares to the feeling of having a larger penis.

General Facts: The penis is made of two erectile tissue chambers. When aroused, blood flows into the chambers, which produces an erection. At this point the blood cavities in your erectile tissue are completely filled - thus you have the current size of your penis. The more blood that is pumped into these chambers the longer and thicker the penis can become. Super-Vir does just this. Itís naturally pushes more blood into these two erectile chambers. Over time, as these chambers stretch, more and more blood will be forced into them, which creates substantial growth in both length and density. Over the course of your treatment, your erectile chambers have stretched and now have grown which results in a larger and thicker penis. In addition to gaining size and thickness, erections will be harder and more sustaining. Instant penis enlargement & enhancement has never been easier with Super-Vir.

The average penis size is only 5.5® when erect and 90% of men possess this size. Are you really happy with being average though? You would not want an average car, an average house, an average girlfriend or an average life so why settle for an average penis? Do you think women want someone that is just average? Of course not.

Super-Vir Inc. has created the first effective penis enlargement product.
"Super-Vir  is the first and the most effective Penis enlargement product to naturally help you enlarge and enhance your penis" Super-Vir have been scientifically proven as an effective way of enlarging an adult's penis after the growth process has been completed.

Super-Vir Applied externally to the penis and massaged twice a day. The active compounds will be absorbed via the skin's epidermal layer.

HOW A SIMPLE OIL can transform you to become a new LARGER man:

Our Mission:

We provide the highest quality product possible to our clients.
We assure our clients that our raw materials and ingredients are exactly as stated.
We operate at the highest levels of integrity and honesty.
Our clients receive individual care and attention to their particular corporate needs.
We provide free consultation from the most experienced sources we have to offer.
We are creative and develop proprietary formulations not available anywhere else.
We conduct comprehensive product profiles, including studies and peer-reviewed abstracts of the various products.
Super-Vir Inc. is dedicated to excellence. We partner with our clients to introduce the most effective, most innovative custom nutritional formulations available anywhere in the world. We have been so successful at making our clients profitable and more effective in the market place that our company has grown by over 600% in the last 3 years. Super-Growth Inc. continues its dedication to quality and innovation on behalf of our clients.

To succeed in today's market economy; one needs efficacious products that can truly make a difference in the end user's life. That means not only providing products that test ultra high for purity, but also products that have the correct quantities and properties to be effective for its purpose.

Our compounding experience plus real-time testing helps to finalize products that have synergistic values.  We clearly understand the importance of providing the most effective combination of compounds that generate customer satisfaction and re-ordering in today's highly competitive environment.

Super-Vir Inc.

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Super-Vir International
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Super-Vir SAFE And All-Natural Penis Enlargement Oil.

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